Faireborn, D.

Warrant Officer

File Name: Dashiell R. Fairborn

Wichita, Kansas
Rank: Chief Warrant Officer

Primary Military Specialty:
Secondary Military Specialty:
Helicopter Pilot

Status: Active

First Appearance:
G.I. JOE #37 (July 1985)

"This is bad... a pro shouldn't let the fight get personal... I should calm down and -- Naaah! I'll worry about it after I stomp a few more Cobras!"
— Flint

   Before joining the Army, Flint was a Rhodes scholar and earned a degree in English Literature, before deciding he was bored with scholarly pursuits and enlisted. He graduated with top honors from Airborne School, Ranger School, Special Forces School and Flight Warrant Officers School, and is also a qualified helicopter pilot. Out in the field, Flint quickly gained a reputation for leading dangerous rescue missions. He met Duke some time before either of them joined G.I. Joe, and a few years later, Duke recruited him for the team. Flint's outspoken, self-confident personality often borders on arrogance, but his actions usually back up his attitude.

    Before his first mission with the team, Flint's first meeting with Lady Jaye was less than civil. Lady Jaye didn't like Flint's attitude, and didn't mind letting him know it. Shortly afterward, the Joes discovered Cobra operatives at the Arbco Brothers Circus. Flint dove off of a Dragonfly helicopter onto the top of a roller-coaster where he fought Tomax and Xamot, the Crimson Guard commanders. Flint took part in a number of other missions with the team before leading a rescue mission to Cobra Island to save Ripcord. The team thought they had succeeded, but "Ripcord" was in fact Zartan in disguise. The master of disguise was eventually captured by the Joes, but not before causing havoc in Joe headquarters. Soon after that, Flint, Beach Head and Lady Jaye foiled Russian airline hijackers who had smuggled weapons onto an airplane in San Francisco. While Zartan sat in a cell at the Pit, Flint and the rest of the Joes invaded the Cobra-controlled town of Springfield. Upon their return, Zartan's siblings and the Dreadnoks rescued Zartan. Flint and a team of Joes tracked the Dreadnoks to the New Jersey swamplands, where the Dreadnoks' Thunder Machine arrived, taking the Joes by surprise and allowing the mercenaries to escape.

    In the aftermath of the battle of Springfield, the Joe team was put on suspension and the Pit was sealed. The team was quartered in standard barracks at Fort Wadsworth. During this down time, Cobra sent in a team to invade the Pit. In a secluded area of Fort Wadsworth near a river, Flint made his first pass at Lady Jaye. Again, his ego got in the way, and Lady Jaye wasn't interested. The pair then saw a half dozen Cobra Eels (divers) emerge from the river. Realizing the Pit was about to be invaded, Flint charged into the midst of the Eels, taking them on to give Lady Jaye time to warn the other Joes. As Lady Jaye ran off to warn the others, she realized that Flint wasn't the arrogant jerk she thought he was. Flint didn't last long up against the Eels. They left him for dead on the shore, but the final Eel who was supposed to do away with Flint didn't expect he was still conscious, and paid for it. After knocking out the Eel, Flint was a little worried about losing perspective: "This is bad... a pro shouldn't let the fight get personal... I should calm down and -- Naaah! I'll worry about it after I stomp a few more Cobras!" Led by Flint, the Joes were able to arm themselves, but it was too late. Cobra BATs had invaded the Pit and Hawk was forced to destroy it. Joe headquarters was lost and Cobra escaped. Seeing that the threat of Cobra was very real, the army took the Joe team off suspension. While Flint recovered from his fight with the Eels, he and Lady Jaye became closer, and he even came to confide his fears to Lady Jaye. During Flint's recovery, Hawk sent Snake-Eyes into Sierra Gordo disguised as Flint. Snake-Eyes was to infiltrate Cobra's Terror-Drome, but was too well known by Cobra.

    Soon, Flint returned to the field with Scarlett and a team of Joes in Sierra Gordo. They captured the Terror-Drome, but Cobra got away with Snake-Eyes. A short time later, Flint was sent on a mission into Scotland with Lady Jaye. Destro -- presumed dead -- had been spotted arriving in Scotland. He was returning home and had decided to break his ties with Cobra. Flint and Lady Jaye teamed with two British operatives in order to obtain the plans for Cobra's Terror-Dromes from Destro. They watched as Destro arrived at Castle Destro only to be met by an impostor, posing as him, who promptly had Destro arrested. The Joes decided to break Destro out of jail and Lady Jaye used her undercover skills to pose as an elderly charity worker to get access to Destro's cell. Once inside, she got Destro to safety as Flint and the others blew a whole in the jail's wall, freeing the weapons supplier. Together, they exposed the impostor, and though Destro could have easily disposed of the Joes with his private army, but he decided to honor his deal with the Joes. From that time on, Destro was less apt to see the Joes as his enemies.

    Some time later, Flint and Lady Jaye went with Scarlett and Snake-Eyes on vacation to Grenada. While there, Lady Jaye and Flint were horrified when Scarlett and Snake-Eyes were apparently killed by a landmine. In reality, they had faked their deaths so that they could undertake an unauthorized rescue of three Joes being held in a Soviet gulag in Borovia. During the months that followed, Flint led a team of Joes into Southeast Asia to ambush a Soviet armored column and capture a Russian scientist carrying top secret computer chips. In reality, the mission was meant to fail. The CIA operative in charge of the mission expected the Joes to never succeed. He instead wanted the chips to remain in Russian hands, since they would sabotage Soviet computer systems. Despite the CIA agent's betrayal, Flint's team made it out alive and inadvertently ruined the agent's mission, anyway. When Snake-Eyes and Scarlett finally returned from their unauthorized rescue mission, Flint could not keep his anger at them, in check. He blurted out that they could have included he and Lady Jaye in the mission and not make fools of them! Lady Jaye was so upset by Flint's outburst that she punched him, knocking him to the ground. She angrily told him that Snake-Eyes and Scarlett did what they did to protect their friends. The argument didn't last long, however, and Lady Jaye and Flint admitted to their feelings for each other. Months later, Flint and Lady Jaye were interrupted during a tender moment by a Cobra infiltrator in the Pit. They sounded the alarm and chased the intruder, but he escaped. That infiltrator's stealing of a secret military "black box" sparked the Joes involvement in the Cobra Island civil war. Lady Jaye, Flint and Mainframe served as the Joes' operations team on board the U.S.S. Flagg aircraft carrier. They were disappointed that they never made it into the battle. Flint was later teamed up with Lady Jaye, Scarlett and Snake-Eyes on an undercover mission into Darklonia. They posed as obnoxious American tourists to the eastern European nation in order to expose a traitor in the Wolkekuckuckland military, which was being advised by the Joes.

    Over the next few months, Flint took part in a battle with Dreadnoks on a Long Island expressway, stopped two brainwashed Joes from getting loose in Pit III and journeyed into the nation of Sierra Gordo, where a group of Joes teamed with the new October Guard. Lady Jaye had to deal with Flint's jealousy as she flirted with the Guard's Lt. Gorky. The team eventually made it out of Sierra Gordo alive, but just barely. Flint also took part in the Battle of Benzheen, a major operation in the middle east in which many Joes lost their lives. Just after that, Flint was one of the Joes who assisted Destro when Cobra Commander decided to exact his revenge on Destro once and for all. Once again, the Joes and Destro became reluctant allies. For a short time after that, Flint led the team known as the Eco-Warriors in their fight against former Cobra operative Cess-pool. One of Flint's last missions for the Joe team took him back into eastern Europe with Flint, Hawk, Stalker and Snake-Eyes. The Joes were trying to stop Cobra's invasion of Wolkekuckuckland, advising the military once again. They succeeded in rescuing Snake-Eyes from Cobra's castle in Trans-Carpathia. During his time on the Joe team, Flint was a vital part of the team as both a soldier and a leader. Despite his occasionally arrogant behavior and his fiery temper, Flint is well-respected and well-liked by his teammates, who know that there is a courageous man under all his bluster. Flint remained on the Joes team until it was disbanded in 1994.

Artwork: G.I. JOE #114 (interior - dossier)