"Wild Weasel"

Fighter Pilot

File Name: Classified

Known aliases
Kenneth P. Leggitt


Primary Military Specialty:
Ground Support Pilot
Secondary Military Specialty:
Aircraft Maintenance

Status: In custody

First Appearance:
G.I. JOE #24 (June 1984)

The mercenary fighter pilot known as Wild Weasel gained his reputation as one of the world's best pilots in the bush wars of South America and Africa. His knowledge of aircraft ranges from civilian craft to state-of-the-art flying weapons platforms. A sibilance in his speech pattern is assumed to be a result of a mouth injury recieved during a strafing run.

    Wild Weasel eventually began working for Cobra, primarily as pilot of their new Rattler ground attack jet. He first encountered the G.I. Joe team face-to-face when sent on a mission by the Baroness to assist Firefly in tracking down Cobra Commander. The Commander had recently fled the Joes' custody and the Baroness, Major Bludd and Destro decided to eliminate him and take control of Cobra. Wild Weasel and Firefly instead found an old shack in the Everglades that turned out to be Zartan's hideout. Soon after, Wild Weasel and Firefly battled members of the G.I. Joe team and were briefly captured before escaping into the swamps.

    Wild Weasel later tested out the newly upgraded Rattler with the Baroness as his co-pilot. The flight led to a chance encounter with a G.I. Joe Skystriker piloted by Ace and Lady Jaye. The two pilots fought to a stalemate, ending the dogfight when their weapons were spent. Despite the fact that he worked for the enemy, the G.I. Joe pilots cmae to respect Wild Weasel's skills as a fighter pilot. He continued working with Cobra for years, on missions flying the Rattler and various other aircraft. He led a group of Python Patrol Conquest fighters in battle against G.I. Joe in the skies over the Central American country of Punta del Mucosa. In that battle, Wild Weasel was shot down by Joe pilot Dogfight. He survived the battle and continued to work for Cobra until the organization was defeated and its operatives scattered across the globe.

    When Cobra Commander returned to the United States several years later with a renewed Cobra organization and sent for his former high command, Wild Weasel answered the call. He took part in the fight against the forces of a revived Serpentor on Cobra Island, among other missions. Eventually, the Joes and Cobra faced a new threat in the group called the Red Shadows, who had begun targeting and murdering agents of both groups.
Wild Weasel as Halo
The Joes eventually defeated the schemes of the Red Shadows, and Cobra was once again left in disarray.

     One year later, Cobra Commander secretly returned to America and infiltrated the White House, replacing and posing as Chief of Staff Garret Freedlowe. Working closely with the President, "Freedlowe" created a new team called the Phoenix Guard, which he intended to use to destroy and take the place of the G.I. Joe team. The commando team's roster was made up of former Cobra agents using false identities. Wild Weasel joined the group in the guise of an airborne infantry specialist code-named Halo. The Phoenix Guard's commander General Rey was unaware of his soldiers' true identities, and lead them on a raid of the new Joe team's headquarters. Against his wishes, the team relied too easily on deadly force, injuring many Joes and killing many of their support staff. After the truth was uncovered, the Joes fought and defeated the Phoenix Guard. Wild Weasel sustained unspecified injuries in the battle when he was shot by Duke just before he could fire on a group of Joes. Wild Weasel and most of the Cobra agents were taken into military custody.

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        (compiled with help from Bryon Hake)
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