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G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero (1982-1994)

Marvel Comics

1982-1994 - 155 issues

    The first G.I. Joe series was created mostly as a promotional tool to accompany Hasbro's all-new line of action figures. After over a decade, the original doll-sized Joes' popularity was suffering, and the new, smaller Joes were created. Marvel's series was the first comic book ever advertised on television, in animated commercials a year before the Joe cartoon series premiered. The comic was written by Larry Hama, who also wrote the action figure filecards for the first years of the toyline. Hama gave names, personalities and back stories to Hasbro's toy designs and told the story of the Joes, adding new characters and vehicles as they were released by Hasbro. Not quite war comic, not quite superhero comic, Marvel's G.I. Joe was the more mature cousin of Sunbow's cartoon series. The book spawned several spin-offs before waning popularity of the series and the toys led to the comic's cancellation in 1994 after 155 issues -- a great run for any comic book. Shortly after the last issue, G.I. Joe Special #1 was released, which contained the same plot as issue #61 with art by Todd McFarlane.



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MC 001: Operation: Lady Doomsday / Hot Potato
MC 002: Panic at the North Pole
MC 003: The Trojan Gambit
MC 004: Operation: Wingfield!
MC 005: 'Tanks' for the Memories
MC 006: "To Fail is to Conquer... To Succeed is to Die!"
MC 007: Walls of Death!
MC 008: Code Name: Sea Strike!
MC 009: The Diplomat
MC 010: A Nice Little Town Like Ours...
MC 011: The Pipeline Ploy
MC 012: Three Strikes for Snake-Eyes
MC 013: Last Plane from Rio Lindo
MC 014: Destro Attacks
MC 015: Red-Eye to Miami!
MC 016: Night Attack!
MC 017: Loose Ends
MC 018: Destro Returns!
MC 019: Joe Triumphs!
MC 020: Home Is Where the War Is!
MC 021: Silent Interlude
MC 022: Like Chimney Sweepers Come to Dust...
MC 024: The Commander Escapes!
MC 023: Cobra Commander Captured at Last!
MC 025: Zartan!
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