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G.I. Joe Extreme

G.I. JOE Extreme

Dark Horse Comics

December 1995-April 1996 - Miniseries - 4 issues
June-September 1996 - Ongoing series - 4 issues

    After the cancellation of the Real American Hero toyline in 1994, Hasbro made two attempts to relaunch the toyline with all new toys, characters and storylines. The first was 1995's Sgt. Savage line which featured larger-sized figures and toys and included a single episode of an animated cartoon released with the Sgt. Savage figure. The line quickly proved to be a failure and was cancelled after one year. The next toyline was G.I. Joe Extreme, started in 1996. This series was a bit more successful, spawning two cartoon seasons and a short-lived comic series.

    The comic started as a four-issue miniseries -- simply titled "G.I. Joe" -- from Dark Horse Comics, the first issue arriving in December of 1995. The story was set several years in the future and the Joe team fought an organization led by the evil SKAR. What was intended to be a regular series soon followed, but was placed on hiatus after four issues and never returned. Hasbro eventually cancelled the toyline, as well. Hasbro began releasing repainted Real American Hero Joes in 1997 and has since launched new figures based on that original line. You can find Dark Horse's original solicitations and covers of all eight issues here, on their official site.

Images of the toys and comics can be found at's G.I. Joe Extreme section