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Wednesday, 20 February 2008

 BARON EUGEN CISAROVNA. The older brother of the Baroness. Cisarovna used his wealth for humanitarian purposes and had hoped to provide medical supplies to the native people of Vietnam during the Vietnam War. When the Tet Offensive began, Eugen was in Vietnam with his sister, Anastasia, and stopped at a warehouse where the medical supplies were supposed to be stored. He found the warehouse empty, and discovered that his contacts were selling the supplies to buy weapons. When Cisarovna confronted them, the two men shot him dead. At that moment, a young soldier -- Snake-Eyes -- arrived and killed the two men. Anastasia rushed into the room and saw Snake-Eyes there, believing he killed them all, including Eugen. Taken away before Snake-Eyes was cleared of murder, Anastasia became angry, bitter and disillusioned. She soon became a radical student activist and eventually an international terrorist known as the Baroness.

The Baron was originally named Eugen DeCobray in his first appearance, but that last name was confirmed as an alias of the Baroness. Her true last name was revealed in Devil's Due Publishing's America's Elite series.

(GI 94-97)

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