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Saturday, 23 February 2008
 GNAWGAHYDE. Gnawgahyde was a poacher in Africa before being run off the continent by fellow poachers for cheating at cards, not to mention being obnoxious and smelling bad. With little income left from his poaching, he was recruited by the Dreadnoks. As a poacher, Gnawgahyde has been known to go for weeks without bathing so as not to give off too human a scent due to soap he may use, and eats whatever he can in the wild so the animals won't smell the additives in processed foods. He has been known to grease himself with hog fat to finally erase all human scent. Gnawgayhde did not spend time with the other Dreadnoks who had gone to America with Zartan until the group expanded to become an organized, national biker gang. The entire Dreadnok organization began working for Cobra, and on orders from Tomax and Xamot, Gnawgahyde and other Dreadnoks attacked Roadblock while the Joe was taping his television cooking show in Los Angeles. He later joined Cobra in the fight against the forces of a revived Serpentor on Cobra Island.

(GIv2 25; FL 9, 10, 18; Figure: 1)
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