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Monday, 25 February 2008
 MONKEYWRENCH. Born Bill Winkie in the town of Rhyl in North Wales, Monkeywrench began building explosives from a young age. By age sixteen he had made himself a pariah in his hometown by building explosive devices for terrorists. He moved to London's East End and joined the "new wave" movement, developing extreme levels of rudeness and anti-social behavior. His wanderings brought him to Australia, where he joined the Dreadnoks. Only three Dreadnoks originally went with Zartan to America when he began working almost exclusively for Cobra. Monkeywrench made his way to America a few years later, where he worked with Zanzibar, stealing gasoline from the Dreadnoks' New Jersey gas station hideout. Zarana and Buzzer arrived at the scene of the crime and started beating on the two new arrivals, until Zanzibar revealed that he knew where to find a top secret missile silo in New Jersey, aimed at Cobra Island and guarded by a team of Joes. Monkeywrench and the Dreadnoks then attacked the missile base and fought the Joes before escaping. Some time later, Monkeywrench headed to Sierra Gordo with Zarana and Thrasher, all placed in charge of a Cobra Terror-Drome in the small nation. As the country erupted into civil war, the Dreadnoks hijacked a G.I. Joe transport plane, taking refugees as hostages. When the plane was shot down, Monkeywrench and the others had to join forces with the Joes to get out of the country alive. Monkeywrench continued to work with the Dreadnoks and Cobra for years until Cobra was broken up in 1995. The Dreadnoks were later expanded into an organized, national biker gang led by Zartan and in 2001, they began working again with a revived Cobra organization and renewed their fight against the G.I. Joe team.

(GI 60, 69, 70, 71, 74, 75, 76, 77, 79, 81, 89, 90, 145; GIv2 10, 11, 27, 31, 38; FL 9-10; Figures: 1, 2)
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