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Wednesday, 27 February 2008
PYTHON PATROL. To help sell aging Cobra weapons and vehicles to potential buyers, Cobra upgraded them with the "Pythonizing" process. Developed by Dr. Mindbender, the process covered vehicles with radar reflecting paint and patterns designed to make them almost invisible to electronic detection. Pythonized uniforms were also made for a few types of Cobra troops. These vehicles and troops combined were nicknamed the Python Patrol. They first saw action along the border between Darklonia and Wolkekuckuckland. Pythonized vehicles included Cobra STUNs and ASPs, along with a number of surplus American Conquest jet fighters. Pythonized troops included Cobra troopers, Vipers and Tele-Vipers, as well as various vehicle drivers and pilots.
(GI 88, 99, 100; SM 28)
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