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Wednesday, 20 February 2008

COPPERHEAD. Though not much is known about the man known as Copperhead, he is believed to be native to or grew up in Florida (his accent is enough evidence alone to indicate that), spending much of his time in the Everglades. He became a swamp buggy and boat mechanic from an early age, and intelligence sources say that he he raced speedboats in high stakes races in Monaco and Japan. His weakness for gambling first began when he bet on his own races, and Copperhead eventually found himself deep in debt to a number of bookies. When he sold his services to Cobra it was to help pay off his gambling debts. He worked with Cobra for years, mostly behind the scenes as a boat and swamp vehicle mechanic. It is also rumored that Copperhead had some dealings with the Dreadnoks in the past, partly due to his familiarity with their adopted home in the swamps of Florida. Copperhead left Cobra when he could finally pay off his debts, but in the years after Cobra was broken up by a unified attack from international forces, he returned to his old vices and was soon again in debt. When Cobra returned in 2001, Copperhead was glad to answer Cobra Commander's call, this time to head up his naval forces. Copperhead later joined Cobra in its battle against the forces of a revived Serpentor on Cobra Island, and began seeing to the security of the Island's shoreline once Cobra regained control of it. He tried to stop the Joe infiltrator Barrel Roll from escaping from Cobra Island before the team of Joes rescued him. More than a year later, Cobra Commander infiltrated the White House, replacing and posing as Chief of Staff Garret Freedlowe. Working closely with the President, "Freedlowe" created a new team called the Phoenix Guard, which he intended to use to destroy and take the place of G.I. Joe. The team's roster was made up of former Cobra agents using false identities. Copperhead joined the group in the guise of a Navy SEAL code-named High Tide. The Phoenix Guard's commander General Rey was unaware of his soldiers' true identities, and lead them on a raid of the new Joe team's headquarters. Against his wishes, the team relied too easily on deadly force, injuring many Joes and killing many of their support staff. The Joes soon defeated the Phoenix Guard, and Copperhead and other members were arrested by the military.

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