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Monday, 04 October 2010
 RAPID-FIRE. The code name used by U.S. Army Captain Robbie London, born in Seattle, Washington. Rapid-Fire enlisted in the Army straight out of high school and eventually was offered admission to West Point. He was the top graduate of an Army school teaching "fast attack" tactics and later joined the G.I. Joe team as fast attack expert and saboteur. Today, like many Joes, he is a reserve member of the team. Rapid-Fire was stationed in Bolivia during the conflict known as World War III.
One of many Joes listed on World War III member assignment map first seen in AE #28.

The text of Rapid-Fire's action figure filecard was very similar to the text of Super Trooper, whose figure was repainted to create Rapid-Fire. The figure came packaged with a video tape of an episode of DIC's animated G.I. Joe series.  "Robbie London" was a DIC Animation executive.

(AE 25 (cover); Figure: 1)
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