Since the beginning of the "new" Star Wars continuity, it had been widely believed that the Marvel Comics series would be considered non-canonical.  That has gradually changed over the years.

The following is a list of these references in the order the works were published:


Planets of the Galaxy, Volume 3 (1992): The alien species, the Lahsbees


Dark Empire Sourcebook (June 1993): The planet Aargau; a profile of Lando Calrissian mentions "Rik" as a friend from his past, likely referring to Rik Duel

Han Solo and the Corporate Sector Sourcebook (Nov 1993): Baron Tagge; the planet Aargau


"A Buyer's Guide to Alternative Starships" (Feb 1995): from Star Wars Adventure Journal #5; RPG stats for an HT-2200 freighter, which looks like a ship flown by Luke and Leia in Marvel issue #38 (the stats were reprinted in "Fizzi's Slightly Used Starships", from Star Wars Adventure Journal #9)

"Lumiya: Dark Star of the Empire" (Spring 1995): from Star Wars Galaxy Magazine #3;  recounts the story of Shira Brie aka Lumiya with RPG stats

The Essential Guide to Characters (Oct 1995):
Marvel stories here are mostly used when supporting characters do not have enough of a story to fill the space needed. In some cases, however, the major character's entries make reference to these stories:

---Bossk; IG-88: Luke and Lando find Bossk and IG-88 on Stenos; Bossk and IG-88 on Keyorin, working for Drebble

---C-3PO: The heroes' visit to Drexel II

---Lando Calrissian: Mission against the Tarkin; Lando back on Cloud City, Lobot out of control; searching for Han on Stenos

---Chewbacca: Fighting Nagai slavers on Kashyyyk

---Biggs Darklighter: Adventure with Luke; race through Diablo Cut

Dengar: Captured by supercommando Fenn Shysa on Mandalore

---Boba Fett: Fenn Shysa and Tobbi Dala are mentioned as people who wear Mandalorian armor

---Jabba the Hutt: Capturing Han Solo on Orleon

---Lobot: Lando and Luke on Cloud City, Lobot out of control, Captain Treece and the Ugnaughts

---Nien Nunb: Nagai invaders threaten Endor

---R2-D2: Rebel base on Arbra; saving fleet from burning up in Arbra's sun; mission to Droid World

---Luke Skywalker: The Wheel; near-court-martial after accidental death of Shira Brie; training Iskalonian named Kiro

---Han Solo: Thwarting the Nagai and Tofs

---Grand Moff Tarkin: The Rebels' destruction of the Tarkin superweapon

---Darth Vader: Fighting Rebels at the Wheel; nearly catching Luke on the Tarkin

---Zuckuss: Working for Domina Tagge

Boba Fett: Twin Engines of Destruction (Fall 1995): comics serial from Star Wars Galaxy Magazine and later Dark Horse; Boba Fett tracks bounty hunter using Fett's identity. When he unmasks the hunter he says "You're no one! Not Dala, not Shysa! Nobody!" referring to Tobbi Dala and Fenn Shysa.


Star Wars Galaxy Magazine #6 (Winter 1996): A bounty hunters article features Valance

The Truce at Bakura Sourcebook (Feb 1996): Alliance of Free Planets named as predecessor of the New Republic; the Nagai and Tof mentioned

The Essential Guide to Vehicles and Vessels (Mar 1996): AT-AT entry; the planet Belderone

Galaxy Guide 3: The Empire Strikes Back Second Edition (1996): RPG sourcebook; Colonel Odan at Akuria II (Marvel UK and Pizzazz magazine); Bossk called the monarch of the Qotile System (#69); the City of the Ugnaughts, Captain Treece and King Ozz (#56 & 57)

"Bungo n' Rusti Get Carry-Out" (Nov 1996): short comic from Star Wars Adventure Journal #11; includes a fast food franchise named "Biscuit Baron". The restaurant's logo is patterned after Baron Tagge


Cynabar's Fantastic Technology: Droids (Jan 1997): RPG sourcebook; stats for Kligson and Droid World

No Disintegrations (Jan 1997): RPG sourcebook; players visit The Wheel

Wretched Hives of Scum and Villainy (Jan 1997): RPG sourcebook; a Nagai warrior named Brin

"Crimson Bounty" (Aug 1997): short story from Star Wars Adventure Journal; the Gordian Reach, Giles Durane and Valance

The Han Solo Trilogy - Vol. 2: The Hutt Gambit (Sept 1997): Rik Duel is one of the many smugglers that Han Solo knows on Nar Shaddaa

Star Wars: Crimson Empire (Dec 1997): Dark Horse comic series; General Wessel and the planet Yinchorr


The Han Solo Trilogy - Volume Three: Rebel Dawn (Mar 1998): smuggler Katya M'Buele

Star Wars Handbook: X-Wing Rogue Squadron (July 1998): Dark Horse Comics special issue; pirate captain Loka Hask's ship (the Buzzzer) once belonged to Crimson Jack


Star Wars: Vader's Quest (Feb 1999): Dark Horse comic series; the scene in which he first learns Luke's name is a re-creation of a similar scene in issue #35; the scene takes place on the planet Centares

Star Wars Customizable Card Game (June 1999): includes an Ewok who first appeared in the Ewok comic from Marvel's Star Comics

Jedi Apprentice: The Dark Rival (June 1999): mentions the planet Telos aka Telos IV or 4


Jedi Apprentice: The Day of Reckoning (June 2000): the planet Telos aka Telos IV or 4

Star Wars: Jedi Council: Acts of War (June 2000): Dark Horse comics miniseries; featuring the Yinchorri

"Lady Luck" (Mar 2000): comic story from Star Wars Tales #3; featuring Drebble and Lando's ship, the Cobra

Star Wars: The Essential Chronology (Apr 2000): Giles Durane; The Rebels destroy the Tarkin superweapon; Alliance of Free Planets; Shira Brie identified as an Emperor's Hand

"University of Sanbra Guide to Intelligent Life: The Marvel Series" (Sept 2000): from Star Wars Gamer #1; RPG stats, details and histories of alien species: Zeltrons, Iskalonians, Stenax, Nagai, Nomads and S'Kytri, including the primary characters of these species; also mentiones mentions Shira Brie, Tay Vanis, Yom Argo, Admiral Tower, Telfrey, Governor Matrin, Rik Duel, Chihdo, Lumiya, Bey, Fenn Shysa and the Hoojibs


"The Starhoppers of Aduba-3" (Mar 2001): from Star Wars Gamer #4; RPG stats, details and histories of characters from Aduba-3Jaxxon (featured on the cover), Amaiza, Don-Wan Kihotay, Hedji the Spiner, Jimm the Starkiller Kid, Effie the Droid, Serji-X Arrogantus, Warto the Cloud Rider and the Behemoth

Star Wars: The Essential Guide to Alien Species (Apr 2001): a page dedicated to the Zeltrons; appendix includes brief entries about Hoojibs, Iskalonians, Lahsbees/Huhks, Nagai, Tofs and Drexel II; a reference to Belderone and Flint

"The Emperor's Pawns" (May 2001): from Star Wars Gamer #5; RPG stats, details and histories of the characters named "Emperor's Hand": Lumiya aka Shira Brie (mentions Flint and the Nagai); Arden Lyn speaks "Old Galactic Standard"; Sarcev Quest speaks "High Galactic"; the magazine includes a map of the galaxy, including Aduba-3

Jedi Apprentice Special Edition: Deceptions (July 2001): the planet Telos aka Telos IV or 4

"Welcome to the Jungle" (July 2001): from Star Wars Gamer #6; RPG adventure featuring the Hoojibs; the issue also mentions the Black Hole Gang

Galactic Phrase Book & Travel Guide (Aug 2001): mentions "Galactic Standard", the Marvel term for the main Star Wars language before the more accepted term, "Basic"

Alien Anthology (Oct 2001): RPG sourcebook; includes Hoojibs, Lahsbees, Spiners, the Slivilith and Yinchorri

Alien Anthology Addendum (Nov 2001): from Star Wars Gamer #7; the Tirrith


"I, Yuuzhan Vong" (Jan 2002): from Star Wars Gamer #8; RPG supplement supplement; mentions Lumiya

"Wraith Squadron" (Mar 2002): from Star Wars Gamer #9; mentions Jek Porkins' middle name "Tono", which comes from his first name in Marvel's Episode IV adaptation

"Race For the Tessent" (Mar 2002):  from Star Wars Gamer #9; RPG adventure featuring Fenn Shysa (Mar-May 2002): Published as a companion site to, Holonet News was an in-universe news website detailing events leading up to Episode II. It can also be found on the Attack of the Clones DVD. The weekly issues mention the planet Foundry, the planet Monastery, the Order of the Sacred Circle, stone mites, Senator Simon Greyshade and swoop racer Serji-X Arrogantus

Star Wars: Attack of the Clones - Incredible Cross-Sections (Apr 2002): This book, which includes detailed cutaway schematics of vehicles from the film explains that the yellow speeder Anakin stole belongs to Senator Simon Greyshade, who had it custom made. It also says that the speeder's engines were designed for use with Aargau banking vessels.

Star Wars: The New Essential Guide to Characters (Apr 2002):
The Marvel references here are used similarly to the original edition of the guide:

---Wedge Antilles: Rogue Squadron fights the Nagai and Tofs.

---Bossk; IG-88: The bounty hunters work for Domina Tagge and track down Lando for Drebble on Stenos and Keyorin

---Shira Brie/Lumiya: The character gets her own profile, combining the comics history and later RPG materials

---C-3PO and R2-D2: The heroes' adventures on The Wheel

---Lando Calrissian; Lobot: Lando back on Cloud City; Lobot's betrayal; Luke & Shira Brie rescue him.

---Chewbacca: Chewie returns home and fights Nagai agent Knife who steals Lando's ship, the Cobra

---Biggs Darklighter: A story about Luke and Biggs on Tatooine; Baron Tagge owns the Darklighters' land; Fixer & Camie's marraige

---Boba Fett: Fenn Shysa mentioned as someone who wears Mandalorian armor.

---Nien Nunb: Vandelheim Mission - reprinted by Dark Horse; Lando is sick as the heroes fight the Godoans; The Nagai battle over Endor

---Han Solo: Han's reward is stolen by Crimson Jack the pirate.

---Grand Moff Tarkin: The destruction of the Tarkin superweapon

---Darth Vader: Appearance of the "Force-sensitive" Flint on Bendarone

Power of the Jedi Sourcebook (Aug 2002): Mentions Kiro as one of the Force-sensitives Luke Skywalker encountered around the time of the Battle of Endor

"Children of the Force" (Sept 2002): This story, from Star Wars Tales #13, starring Mace Windu includes a woman Windu refers to as a Zeltron. She's not the pink/purple color of the Marvel aliens, but has pure white skin. It does seem she's intended to be of the same race.

Star Wars: Republic #46-48 - "Honor and Duty" (Oct 2002): featuring Senator Simon Greyshade; mentions the Assassin's Guild

Star Wars: The New Droid Army (Nov 2002): GameBoy Advanced video game; the planet Metalorn


Star Wars: Republic #49 - "Sacrifice" (Jan 2003): takes place on The Wheel

"Who's Who: Imperial Grand Admirals" (Mar 2003): from Star Wars Insider #66; the religion known as the Sacred Way; the term "'borg" (referring to cyborgs), the language "High Galactic" and that language's word, "fi"; the Tarkin superweapon is said to have shattered Aeten II; reports of "albino-skinned marauders" in the Mandalore system, referring to a line about the Nagai from issue #101

Holonet News (Star Wars Insider version) (Mar 2003): from Star Wars Insider #66; the planet Centares

"Velmor: Royalty and Rebellion" (Mar 2003): from Planet Hoppers at; featuring background and history of planet Velmor, Prince Denid and Luke Skywalker's adventure there

Boba Fett: Maze of Deception (Apr 2003): young adult novel, mostly set on Aargau

Ultimate Alien Anthology (Apr 2003): RPG sourcebook; includes Em'liy Nomads, Hoojibs, Lahsbees, Lepi (Jaxxon's species), Nagai, S'kytri, Spiners, Yinchorri and Zeltrons

"Who's Who in the Max Rebo Band" (Apr 2003): from Star Wars Insider #67; the alien species Spiner; the planet Godo and Godoans

Inside the Worlds of Attack of the Clones (May 2003): identifies the yellow speeder stolen by Anakin as Senator Simon Greyshade's

Star Wars: Jedi - Shaak Ti (May 2003): Dark Horse comic; featuring a Zeltron female named Lyshaa

"Arbra: Sanctuary In the Storm" (June 2003): from Planet Hoppers at; detailing Arbra, the Rebels' mountain base there, Plif (with gaming stats) and the Hoojibs,  the heroes' meeting with the Darker, and Luke's mission to destroy the Teezl, with mention of Captain Hanc Thorben

"Zygerrian Takedown" (July 2003): from; RPG supplement mentions Bazarre and the planet Junction

Knights of the Old Republic (July 2003): Video game; planet Telos IV (aka Telos 4)

"Aargau: For All Your Banking Needs"  (Aug 2003): from Planet Hoppers at; details on the banking planet Aargau seen in recent books, mentioning Leia and Vader's meeting there

The New Essential Guide to Vehicles and Vessels (Sept 2003): mentions Baron Orman Tagge, the House of Tagge, the Cloud Riders of Aduba-3, and a Nagai Tehk'lka blade

"Carida: Heavy Duty" (Sept 2003): from Planet Hoppers at; featuring the military training of Shira Brie; mentions Beheboth

Star Wars: Republic #58 - "Floodgates" (Dec 2003): mentions a battle on the planet Metalorn

"Hoth: Under the Ice" (Dec 2003): from Planet Hoppers at; details on the pirate Arns Grimraker, explaining issue #78's continuity-straining story may have been a "tall tale"

"Being Boba Fett" (Dec 2003): from Star Wars Tales #13; mentions Zeltrons


"Zeltros: Pleasure Planet" (Jan 2004): from Planet Hoppers at; mentioning the Zeltron monarchs, King Arno and Queen Leonie, with details about the invasions of the Hiromi, Nagai and the Tofs, and the story of  Dani

"Triplet Threat" (Jan 2004): from; RPG supplement includes stats for planets Tirahnn and Centares, and characters Merl, Uri and Glocken; mentions Rubyflame Lake

A Mon Alone (2004): Part of the Living Force RPG campaign; Nagai brothers Kor and Vor Essen

Star Wars: Geonosis and the Outer Rim Worlds (Mar 2004): RPG sourcebook; gaming stats for Simon Greyshade, Ulric Tagge, Ugnaught King Ozz and a Spiner named Jurec Tre; mentions the Nagai driving the Alliance off Endor, the Gordian Reach, the Wheel, the planets Drexel, Iskalon, Junction and Monastery, Silas, Orman and Domina Tagge; Captain Treece as Cloud City garrison commander

"Vandelhelm: Enemies and Alloys"  (Mar 2004): from Planet Hoppers at; detailing the planet Vandelhelm, Han's mission there, and the characters from that story

"Nien Nunb, Kessel Administrator" (Apr 2004): from; RPG stats and profile of Nien Nunb; mentions fighting the Nagai and joining Han's Vandelheim mission

"Beheboth: Blood and Water" (June 2004): from Planet Hoppers at; details about Beheboth, mentioning Luke's adventures there, planets Arbra and Golrath, Darial Anglethorn, Tirrith, game stats for former Admiral Giel, and details of his fate after that issue

"Yavin: The Big Red One" (Aug 2004): from Planet Hoppers at; a Rodian treasure hunter mentions an acquaintance named Chihdo

"Bespin: Action Tidings"  (Sept-Oct 2004): from Planet Hoppers at; mentions King Ozz, Captain Treece, and the story of Luke, Lando and Shira Brie on Cloud City

"Reversal of Fortune" (Oct 2004): comic strip; mentions the planets Belderone and Metalorn

Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords (Dec 2004): Video game; a Zeltron character named Luxa; Nagai combat gloves; Nagai tekh'la blade; a Nagai grip to upgrade bladed weapons; planet Telos IV (aka Telos 4)

"The Hunt Within" (Dec 2004-Jan 2005): Miniatures game scenarios from; recreates the adventures of Valance with added back story and a first name (Beilert); mentions the planet Telos, the Red Nebula, Slssk the Hutlarian, Jaxxon, Aduba-3, Amaiza Foxtrain, Jimm Doshun, the village of Onacra, Sikurd, Dafi, the planet Junction and Marko Tyne


Labyrinth of Evil (Jan 2005): includes a battle fought at Belderone

"The History of the Mandalorians" (Mar 2005): from Star Wars Insider #80; includes a revised history of Fenn Shysa and Tobbi Dala, including their fight against slavers in the City of Bone, the city of Keldabe and helping the Alliance of Free Planets fight the Nagai and the Tofs

"Droids and the Force" (Mar 2005): from Star Wars Insider #80 Online supplement; Kligson and Kligson's Moon; deity worshipping droids on the planet Ronyards, the Terrible Glare and Akuria 2

"The Dark Forces Saga" (Apr, May 2005): RPG supplement from; Shira Brie, Bey, the Tof world of Saijo; Majestrix of Skye;  the Sith lightwhip of Dark Lady Lumiya

"Kyle Katarn's Tale" (Apr-May 2005): Miniatures game scenarios from; mentions the planet Keyorin, the Belderone sector and Drogheda

Star Wars: The New Essential Chronology (Oct 2005): Mandalore's cities of bone; stone mites of Orleon; Cody Sun-Childe; Giles Durane; Vader and Valance tracking down Tyler Lucian on Centares before his suicide; Han and Chewbacca fighting a monter on Aduba III and Crimson Jack stealing their reward; trouble on The Wheel; Vader's rivalry with the House of Tagge; Silas, Orman, Ulric and Domina Tagge; Tagge turbine base at Yavin; destruction of the Tarkin superweapon; the story of Shira Brie/Lumiya; Leia's visit to Mandalore; Fenn Shysa and Tobbi Dala; Luke, Leia and Lando's search for Tay Vanis; the Alliance of Free Planets and its temporary base on Endor; Nagai invasion; the planets Iskalon and Zeltros; fighting the Tofs on Saijo (Fenn Shysa and his Mandalorians are also said to be involved in the battle against Lord Shadowspawn)

Dark Nest III: The Swarm War (Dec 2005): mentions a method of tricking someone into revealing a secret, called the Zeltron Lead


"Unknown Soldier: The Tale of General Grievous" (Feb 2006): from Star Wars Insider #86; Shira Brie; Flint Torul, the father of Flint

"Evasive Action: Prey" (Mar-Nov 2006): comic strip; mentions a Zeltron Jedi

Star Wars: Legacy of the Force: Betrayal (May 2006): the first volume of this novel series features Lumiya aka Shira Brie in a significant role

Star Wars: Legacy #0 (June 2006): Dark Horse comic; an introduction to the ongoing series set 100 years after the last adventure of Luke Sywalker and company, reveals new main characters including a Zeltron named Deliah Blue and a Nagai Sith Lord named Darth Nihl

Star Wars: Legacy: "Broken," Parts 1 to 6 (June 2006- January 2007): Dark Horse comic; featuring the Nagai Sith, Darth Nihl and the Zeltron, Deliah Blue

Star Wars: The New Essential Guide to Droids (June 2006): entries dedicated to Master-Com, Ellie, Z-X3 and Homing Droid, each including their related storylines and characters; Droid World aka Kligson's Moon; the Gordian Reach; "Infiltrator" probot that attacked Luke after Hoth; the planet Metalorn; the House of Tagge; Baron Orman Tagge; Fenn Shysa; Valance

"Evil Never Dies: The Sith Dynasties" (June 2006): from's Star Wars Insider #88 online supplement; references to Flint, Lumiya, the Nagai, the Dark Underlord's Zeltron commander

"Underworld: A Galaxy of Scum and Villainy" (July 2006): from Star Wars Insider #89; planets Keyorin and Telos IV; the Dancing Goddess statue

Boba Fett: A Practical Man (Aug 2006): a downloadable "e-novella"; Mandalore's capital, Keldabe

Legacy of the Force: Bloodlines (Aug 2006): the second volume of this series of novels continues to feature Lumiya; Fenn Shysa is mentioned; Mandalore's capital, Keldabe

"Underworld Appendix: Swoops, Spice, and Wretched Rogues" (Aug 2006): from's Star Wars Insider #89 online supplement; a drug "Dontworry", also called Zeltronian fun dip; Jaxxon; Aduba 3; Cloud Riders; the Behemoth; Black Hole Gang

Darth Bane: Path of Destruction (Sept 2006): novel; mentions Zeltrons

Empire at War: Forces of Corruption (Oct 2006): video game expansion; includes the Keldabe-class battleship

"Evasive Action: End Game" (Nov 2006-Mar 2007): comic strip; the story features Baron Orman Tagge and shows Darth Vader use his lightsaber to blind the Baron -- a past event referred to in the Marvel series

Legacy of the Force: Tempest (Dec 2006): the third volume of this series of novels continues to feature Lumiya


Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic #13 and 14 - "Days of Fear, Parts 1 and 2" (Jan-Feb 2007): mentions the planet Telos aka Telos IV or 4

Star Wars: Legacy #8: "Allies" (Feb 2007): Dark Horse comic; featuring the Nagai Sith, Darth Nihl

"20 Things You Don't Know About the Massassi Temples" (Feb 2007): from Star Wars Insider #92; mentions Akuria II was considered for the site of a new Rebel base before Yavin 4

Legacy of the Force: Exile (Feb 2007): the fourth volume of this series of novels continues to feature Lumiya

Star Wars: Legacy #9: "Trust Issues, Part 1" (Mar 2007): Dark Horse comic; partly taking place on The Wheel

Visual Guides at - Chapter 3 (Apr 2007): part of a detailed look at Episode IV, revealing that the commander of the Star Destroyer in the opening scene of the movie is Captain Mulchive Wermis, an officer seen in early Marvel issues working with Darth Vader

Legacy of the Force: Sacrifice (May 2007): the fifth volume of this series of novels continues to feature Lumiya; Luke remembers shooting her down in the Marvel stories; Fenn Shysa's defense of Mandalore mentioned

Clone Wars Adventures, Vol. 8: "One of a Kind" (June 2007): the Zeltron character Vianna D'Pow; Zeltros

Star Wars: Legacy: "Claws of the Dragon" Parts 1 to 6  (July 2007- February 2008): Dark Horse comic; featuring the Nagai Sith, Darth Nihl and the Zeltron, Deliah Blue; mentions The Wheel

Legacy of the Force: Inferno (Aug 2007): mentions Lumiya

Republic Commando: True Colors (Oct 2007): mentions Keldabe

Legacy of the Force: Fury (Nov 2007): mentions Lumiya

"Aliens in the Empire, Part 1"
(Nov 2007): Star Wars Insider #96 online supplement; giving a new history to Imperial slaver Suprema; Tobbi Dala and Fenn Shysa; events of issue #68 & 69

"Aliens in the Empire, Part 2" (Dec 2007): Star Wars Insider #97 online supplement; the story of Kharys, Majestrix of Skye; giving a new history to General Sk'ar


Legacy of the Force: Revelation (Feb 2008): mentions Fenn Shysa and Lumiya; Mandalore's capital, Keldabe

Star Wars: Legacy: "Loyalties" Parts 1 & 2  (May  2008): Dark Horse comic; featuring the Zeltron, Deliah Blue

Legacy of the Force: Invincible (May 2008): mentions Lumiya; Mandalore's capital, Keldabe

"Lando Calrissian: Idiot's Array" (May 2008): Hyperspace fiction; Lando's ship the Cobra; mentions Queen Sarna, Drogheda, Ars Fivvle, Action Tidings, Drebble, Valance; character desguised as a Zeltron

Threats of the Galaxy (May 2008): RPG sourcebook; entry on Lumiya, detailing her story

Star Wars: Legacy: "The Hidden Temple" Parts 1 & 2  (June-July 2008): Dark Horse comic; featuring the Zeltron, Deliah Blue

Star Wars: Legacy: "Into the Core"  (Aug  2008): Dark Horse comic; featuring the Nagai, Darth Nihl

Star Wars: Legacy: "Vector" Parts 9-12  (Sept-Nov 2008): Dark Horse comic; featuring the Zeltron, Deliah Blue

Fists of Ion (Oct 2008): Hyperspace fiction; mentions Shiva IV


Legacy Era Campaign Guide (Mar 2009): RPG sourcebook; information on the Zeltron Deliah Blue, the Nagai Darth Nihl and his homeworld of Nagi; information about The Wheel

Databank at
(Various dates)
The official Star Wars web site's online database of characters, locations, vehicles and technology has included many Marvel references. These are part of the Databank's Expanded Universe section:

---Amaiza: this Marvel character's entry details all the events of her story seen in issues #8 through #11, and #16

---Anakin's airspeeder: belonged to Senator Simon Greyshade; includes engines built for Aargau banking ships

Arbra: A rebel base being on the planet; Hoojibs, the Slivilith and The Darker

---Serji-X Arrogantus: this Marvel character's entry details all the events of his storyline seen in issues #8 through #10

---Bossk: Working for Drebble and Domina Tagge

---Cloud City: Ugnaughts rebelling against the Imperial rule of Captain Treece with Lando's help

---Corporate Sector Authority: The organization's founding by Baron Tagge

---Biggs Darklighter: Attacked by Tusken Raiders and saved by Luke

---Jan Dodonna: Sending Leia on a mission to Metalorn

---The Empire: Tarkin superweapon; Dark Lady Lumiya allying with alien invaders.

---E-3PO: Cloud City's Imperial Captain Threece

Endor: Rebels stationed there as Alliance of Free Planets

---Ewoks: Their war with the Lahsbees, orchestrated by the Hiromi

---Ewok Village: the Alliance of Free Planets; the Ewoks' war with the Lahsbees, orchestrated by the Hiromi

Janu Godalhi: Early rebel hero Cody Sunn-Childe

---Jaxxon: this Marvel character's entry details all of his story in #8-11, and #16; his ship Rabbit's Foot

---Kashyyyk: Nagai invaders

---L8-L9: Seen in the Clone Wars cartoon, this droid is said to have been built by the House of Tagge and Baron Orman Tagge

---Lobot: His malfunctioning on Cloud City; Imperial Captain Treece

---Lumiya / Shira Brie: Her story from the series; Dani, Kiro, Flint, the Tofs, the Nagai invasion, Herdessa and Kinooine

---Bail Organa: weapons master Giles Durane

---Aron Peacebringer: this Marvel character's entry details all the events of his storyline seen in issues #53 and 54

Rebel Alliance: Bases on Golrath and Arbra; Alliance of Free Planets

---Luke Skywalker: Pirates on Drexel; bases on Golrath and Arbra; Shira's presumed death

---Han Solo: Loss of reward to Crimson Jack; Katya M'Buele; Rik Duel

---Princess Leia Organa Solo: Alliance of Free Planets; Giles Durane

---superlaser: the Tarkin superweapon

---General Tagge: Tagge's siblings Ulric, Silas, Baron Orman and Lady Domina; House of Tagge

---Darth Vader: Centares; Ultaar; House of Tagge; Monastery

---Wookies: Nagai invaders; Alliance of Free Planets  

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