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The Star Wars Multiverse - An in depth list of all the various universes, timelines, and continuities that make up the Star Wars multiverse. An often-updated article.
by James McFadden

7 Star Warsesque Essays
- A series of essays from Abel G. Peña:

  1. Rejects of the Star Wars Universe 1.0 - Forgotten terms which only appear in the 1st edition of A Guide to the Star Wars Universe.
  2. Video Games and Continuity - How video games have become part of the Star Wars continuity.
  3. Anatomy of a Ret-Con - Abel's official fix for Count Dooku's premature video game death, and other issues.
  4. Is Nothing Sacred In Star Wars? - A discussion of religious language used in the Expanded Universe.
  5. Balance and the Force - The meaning of the "Balance of the Force" prophecy in the Star Wars prequels.
  6. Star Wars vs. Lord of the Rings - Comparing the Star Wars films with the Peter Jackson's movie trilogy.

Creatures - New Star Wars beasties
submitted by Chris Runyon

Endnotes from "The Forgotten War: The Nagai and the Tof" - A discussion of the sources and influences behind the Hyperspace-exclusive article, from the author. And then, an addendum to that original article.
by James McFadden

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About 'The Glove of Darth Vader'
(but Were Afraid to Ask) - A guide to Book 1 of the most maligned series of Star Wars books ever published.
Part 1 - Part 2
- Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6 - Part 7
submitted by Adrick Tolliver

Fighter Squadrons of the Alliance - An analysis of the Battle of Yavin.
by Jeff Boivin

Into the Unknown - A series of essays discussing the Unknown Regions of the Star Wars galaxy.
submitted by Matthew Trias

The Pilots of Rogue Squadron - The complete roster of every known member of the elite starfighter squadron.
by James McFadden

A Reflection on the Unknown Regions - What Thrawn was doing prior to his fight against the New Republic, and a few theories about how and why.
by Adrian Ringin

Star Wars CCG: Achieving Your Moment of Triumph - Getting Started in the Decipher's Star Wars Customizable Card Game.
by Josh Radke

The State of the Galactic Civil War - An essay on the post-Endor era
by Abel G. Peña