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Sunday, December 27, 2009

After receiving some questions about just where the newly named characters and starships in the article were seen, I decided to add another page of endnotes with images to explain it. Note that the information here is not official since it has not appeared in any official source. This article just represents my original intentions, and could possibly be contradicted in some future canon source.

The Nagai Fleet

"Kreytaka, first seen landing troops on Kinooine, was designated the Longneck transport by the Alliance." This ship can be seen in both the sky inStar Wars #96: Duel with a Dark Lady and on the ground in Star Wars #97: Escape. The reason for it's Alliance nickname should be evident.To reiterate a point from the article, the Kreytaka is the Nagai's name for the vessel. The term Longneck transport is only an Alliance designation for it. And the theory is that no two vessels are exactly alike, so there should be no other transport of its kind.

"...while the immense flagship Syalann was dubbed the Brute destroyer." This ship is intended to be the obviously large ship we only see the inside of in the opening and ending scenes of Star Wars #103: Tai. It's possible that one of the ships seen in Star Wars #96 and #97 is the Syalann, but that was left intentionally open for others to interpret. Note that since the article mentions Nagai ships are named for cities, there are (or maybe were) also cities on Nagi named Kreytaka and Syalann.

"Others vessels included the Spider battleship and the Swoop cruiser." The Spider battleship -- named for its spider-like legs -- is seen in Star Wars #96. The Swoop cruiser is glimpsed outside the window of the Syalann on the first page of Star Wars #103. It coincidentally resembles one of the various swoops later seen in Star Wars sources, which in turn resemble certain real-world motorcycles. It would be fun to see if the authors of any future work could come up with some similar names based on the other starships seen on the comics page.

The starfighter that Lumiya flies in Star Wars #100: First Strike is fairly easy to identify, but just to be clear, it's included here. I noticed that the contributors to Wookieepedia posted an image of the correct starfighter, and also correctly guessed which ship the Kreytaka was meant to be. This is exactly what I had hoped for when I chose these ships' names. Again, the name Screamer is a reference to the nickname of the teezl creature seen in Star Wars #61: Screams in the Void.

The Characters

There were few new characters created for this article. The most obvious addition was the Nagai spy Ton Arashai. But that character is completely new, and was operating on Coruscant some time after Revenge of the Sith, and maybe even earlier than that.

Many other prominent Nagai characters were named in the original comics, while a few others were named in an article from Star Wars Gamer #1. In that article, many character names from the comics were revealed to be shortened versions of the characters' full names. The Nagai known as General Kob presumably is seen in Star Wars #102: School Spirit, but its not obvious just which character he is.

The most obvious unnamed characters in my mind were two Nagai seen leading the invasion fleet that lands on Kinooine in Star Wars #97. My article names the male Dal Zorfenn and the female Cyn Jodu. Zorfenn's name came from scrambling up the letters of the artist who drew the very first Nagai in Star Wars #99: Wookiee World, Ron (Ronald) Frenz. Cyn Jodu is named after the artist who drew much of the invasion storyline, Cynthia Martin, and the writer of most of the comics of that era, Jo Duffy.



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